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Log Jammers Review

Log Jammers is an app created by Mega Cat Studios. Log Jammers was first published on . The app is accessible on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Don your flannel! Log Jammers is a competitive online/couch arcade game with blazing-fast ax-throwing action. Outwit your opponent, defend your goal, and block your opponent’s throws to win the Log Jam.

  • Game of the Year - Gameacon - 2017
  • Game of the Year - Gameacon - 2018
  • Best Gameplay - Gameacon - 2017
  • Best Gameplay - Gameacon - 2018
  • Best in Show - Columbus Let’s Play - 2017
  • Game of the Year Finalist - Indie Prize USA - 2017
  • Digital Gameplay Feature - Unity Dev Showcase - 2018
  • Official Showcase Feature - Replay FX - 2018
  • Official Showcase Feature - PAX East - 2018
  • Official Showcase Feature - Too Many Games - 2018
  • Official Showcase Feature - Magfest - 2018
  • Official Showcase - Smithsonian Museum - SAAM Arcade - 2018
  • Official Selection - Indie Mega Booth PAX West Showcase 2018
  • Tech Raptor PAX 2018 South Top 10

  • Frenetic Arcade Action — Easy to learn but hard to master, dive right in for a casual competition or go deep to have the sharpest ax in town
  • Solo Tournament Mode — Battle through the Log Jam in single-player mode
  • Online and Local Multiplayer — Throw axes at friends or throw axes at strangers
  • Timber Beasts with Unique Abilities and Stats — Choose from a zany cast of 8 characters to match your playstyle
  • Twitch and Mixer Integrations — Get your chat in on the action with an array of interactives
  • Multi-Species Cheerleader Mode — A new spin on the pong ruleset where you have to defend your cheerleaders
  • Razer Chroma Support — Bring your fancy set up to life with our chroma integrations
  • Lumberjack Trash Talk — Each character has a story and a personality
  • Mayonnaise — It’s mayonnaise. Good for sandwiches and also running for office.

Play on the couch with your favorite woodchopping crew or head online to face the best ax throwers in the world! Log Jammers is perfect for a few rounds over your lunch break or the main event on Friday night!

Your biggest fans are on double duty! In addition to cheering you on, your cheerleaders serve as meat shields by floating on trampolines in your end zone. If you let an opponent’s ax slip by you, it’ll cut into your cheerleaders and knock them into the water. They’re your last defense against your opponent’s best throws, so try not to let anything through!

Snag a power-up to change the tide of a match:

  • Unlock special throws for each character
  • Use magnets to catch stray axes
  • Light up your opponents with flaming axes
  • Spill oil to ruin your opponent’s grip

The crooked mayor of Bateman Hills assembled a rag-tag group of contestants, each with a unique story and playstyle. Who will you take into competition?

  • Rad Carlton - The local beach bum and the son of Sheriff Thad Carlton (Mayor Bateman’s enforcer). The mayor blackmailed Rad into competing with an ordinance that will prohibit surfing.
  • Zombear - A massive undead woodland creature. He was originally killed in a forest fire started by the mayor with illegal fireworks. Now he wants revenge.
  • Zombie Jack - Zombear’s archnemesis. Zombie Jack was in Bateman Hills to chop down some of its legendary border birches when Zombear’s presence pulled him into the competition.
  • Bruiser Bogartus - A strongman obsessed with wood. The mayor promised to fund his business of making wooden exercise equipment—if he can win.
  • Mayo Monsoon - Mayo was once an employee of the Bateman Hills Mayo Company. That is, until he fell from a catwalk into a vat of mayo. The execs worked with the mayor to cover up the accident. Mayo Monsoon is ready to tell the mayor how he really feels.
  • Ollie Oilsack - A local vagrant. Ollie was crushed by logs in an explosion at the Lincoln Timber Company. Ollie knows that the mayor ordered the explosion to rid the town of its hobo population.
  • Spare Rib Bonaparte - An animated skeleton obsessed with partying. Spare Rib was a musician in the 1980s who never stopped rocking out. When his antics destroyed the peace and quiet across the town, the Mayor made sure he found his way out of a hotel window.
  • Hot Foot Francis - The pride and glory of Bateman Hills. Hoot Foot Francis is using her athleticism to win the competition and protect her community.

Duel in detailed levels that explore Bateman Hills’ seedy history. A small taste:

  • The Mayonnaise Factory Spill - Battle it out where Mayo Monsoon met his untimely demise.
  • The Bone Pile - Spare Rib Bonaparte made some friends in the afterlife! Now skeletons in colorful sunglasses and novelty beer hats are gathered to watch you jam.
  • A Peaceful Beaver Pond - Play over a tranquil stream with a beaver dam serving as your net. This is a wonderful snapshot of what the entire forest was like before the mayor started the forest fire.

Log Jammers

4.2 / 5

Log Jammers Logo
Author: Mega Cat Studios
Size: 350 MB available space

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